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from  How are you now?

Hi ms Danna,

It's been a year since I post my greetings to you on your still the same thing, we are missing all those special people that touches our hearts....(you know that you're the one among those).

We really look forward of seeing you again when you visit Dubai next time.

Give my regards to all the family circle...see you soon. Previous Response:
from Dana D. Wiggins Thompson
on August 01, 2005
 Hi Henry! How are you? Thanks so much for your message! I really miss you guys and your wonderful service at GrandStores! Please give everyone there my regards and I hope to see you by the end of the year! Previous Response:
from Dana D. Wiggins Thompson
on July 17, 2011
 Henry... where are you now? I was thinking about you.. haven't heard from you in years!  

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