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Dana, Jennifer H gave me your site address. I was absolutely amazed! You are unbelievably talented. I can hardly believe that you have only been into photography a little more than a year! WOW!
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from Dana D. Wiggins Thompson
on October 06, 2004
 Thanks Robin, for taking the time to go through my website! It is good to be back! Previous Response:
on September 24, 2005
 I will totally second what Robin said – this simply excellent photography!

I came across your site on BetterPhoto (I am too a member of this fine community of photographers) and I want to say that your Sports work is truly inspiring. I very much enjoyed your whole sports gallery – very professional photographs, really great work! I have played with some action shots myself but I am not as good with those as you are. Well done!


Philip Pankov
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from Dana D. Wiggins Thompson
on September 24, 2005
 Thanks Philip for your comments... I am a real new comer to sports photography and have had to learn alot about it through trial and error!!!! Thanks again for looking at my website and your comments!

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