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from  Wonderful!

Great work, very talented. I’m guessing that PS7 stands for Photoshop 7.0, right? Are you using the newest version CS? Do you use Photoshop on all of your pictures? Keep up the good work girl!

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from Dana D. Wiggins Thompson
on September 13, 2004
 Thanks Abdullah! I do use PS7 and PSCS on all my photos because I shoot in RAW and I tweak them a bit in PS!
Thanks for your nice comments!
Dana Wiggins Chamma Previous Response:
on September 13, 2004
 Thanks for the quick response. Do you see a big difference using PS on RAW vs. JPEG? I know that you're using D100 and you seem loving it... Have you heard if Nikon would come out with something newer soon (other than D70)? I appreciate your feedback. Cheers,

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