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Dear Abdulla al-jallaf,

I have been looking for your email to send you the details of our Photography project. I can not find it anywhere.

See details below:
Dear Abdulla al-jallaf,

We are looking for professional photographers to join the Arabic Photo Network,

Our clients are working with major Ad/PR Agencies and publishing industry leaders in the
Middle East, we have currently more than 70 photographers part of the team.

If you are interested to generate monthly basis revenue, please call me on +971-502282010
or email me

I will be able to send you the full project details and relevant contracts.

Many thanks.

Kindest regards

Michel Sedaghat
Managing Director
Dubai Photographer Agency
P.O box 282267
Mob: +971-502282010 Previous Response:
from Dana D. Wiggins Thompson
on September 30, 2006
 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my name is not Abdul Latif...
My name is Dana Chamma and my contact information is on my website...
Dana W Chamma Previous Response:
on April 02, 2007
 Sorry donna,

I made a mistake while copy and paste the content. Are you interested in joining our image library?
We are based in Dubai and we are part of Dubai Photographers Agency. Previous Response:
from Dana D. Wiggins Thompson
on August 13, 2007
 Yes I would be! 

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